Future Puppy Plans


We generally breed one litter every year or two, sometimes with a longer break between. Our Next planned litter is for 2014. Inquiries welcome as we typically reserve several puppies far in advance of a planned breeding. Our pups are most suited to performance sports (agility, herding, dockdiving, obedience, rally, etc.) or working homes (Search and Rescue, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Ranch/Farm dogs) but we do occasionally have 1-3 pet pups out of each litter suitable for active companion homes who are prepared to spend the training time required for a high-energy, active breed as Belgian Shepherds tend to be.



Puppies expected June 18, 2014!

Still accepting reservations/deposits

DAM: BasqueLaine Winning Colors "Marie"                   SIRE: Hexen House Cryh


Stay tuned for more details and pedigree


Our Last litter 2012

We love our Heaven Scent litter so much we repeated the breeding!

Announcing the BasqueLaine 'Playing The Ponies' Litter
Puppies born Oct. 11, 2012, 3 males/6 females
Meet the new puppies!


UKC Champion Matti Deabei "Matti"

AKC/UKC ptd Matti Deabei (CZ import)

BasqueLaine Winning Colors "Marie"

Matti at 5.5 yrs of age

Follow along with Mimi's Temperature Chart as we watch for the drop that indicates labor will start within 24-48 hours.
This is a repeat breeding of our Heaven Scent Litter including Nosie, Wings, Cobain, Lucius, Gabriel and Apollo. 

Red/Fawn and Grey/Sable Tervuren expected.  Still accepting reservations. Inquiries welcome.