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Modified 14-Feb-13
We are most pleased to announce the awaited arrival of our "Playing the Ponies" litter. Mama is our lovely Marissa daughter Mimi/Marie. Proud papa is our Czech import UKC Ch Matti Deabei. Pups arrived on the due date, October 11, 2012 from 2:50 am EDT to 6:05 am EDT. We had 3 males and 6 females. Birth order went like this:

#1 boy, 2:50 am, YELLOW RIBBON
#2 girl, 3:25 am, PURPLE
#3 girl. 3:35 am, PINK
#4 girl, 4:05 am, RED
#5 boy, 4:10 am, GREEN
#6 girl, 4:45 am, TURQUOISE
#7 girl, 5:25 am, ORANGE
#8 boy, 5:50 am, BLUE
#9 girl, 6:05 am, CORAL

So very sadly, the smallest pup, Blue Boy, passed over to the rainbow bridge at 2 days of age, and the 2nd smallest pup, Coral Girl passed away at 14 days of age. All the other puppies are okay. The two must have been born with some problem related to being in a crowded womb, with the added risk factor of their mama being a little older in age. Our veterinarian concurs something probably didn't form properly for them during gestation, no illness or genetic problem. Rest in peace my wee little angels.