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Created 9-Sep-12
Modified 29-Sep-12
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Breeder/Owner: Kelley/Richard Hoffman
DOB: 10/15/05
AKC # DN12566201
Eyes: ACVO Normal 5/2014
Hips: BT-4923G25F-PI HIPS GOOD
Elbows: OFA 0/1 (one elbow normal, one elbow mild esteophytes on anconeal process, possibly due to puppy injury, confirmed via CT scan)
Thyroid: MSU Normal 2011

Sire: CH Montage Beach Talisman MX, MXJ, OF, PD1, PT, CGC, TDI "Charm"
Dam: Mahagonny's Rites of Passage HIC P-BAR "Marissa"

Marie is the daughter of our foundation female Marissa, and her pedigree has strong performance/show/working merits. She is calm and methodical on sheep, highly stable with no environmental sensitivities, and has a strong character sometimes being a bit independent. She is petite with great bone and substance, moderate in type. Marie is the dam of our Heaven Scent litter sired by UKC Ch. Matti Deabei. Including Wings, Nosie, Gabriel, Cobain, Lucius, Apollo, and waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, Zeppelyn

Marie's titled full and half siblings include:

MACH3, ADCH-Silver, NATCH, ATCH, U-AGII BasqueLaine-Montage Secret Agent LAA-Silver, TM-Platinum, JCH-Gold, SCH-Gold, GCH-Silver, MXF, O-TN-E, WV-E, TG-E, SJ, RN, SS, WETT, HIC, CGC, TDI ''Maxwell''

MACH8 ADCH-Bronze BasqueLaine-Montage Secret Passage RN MXC2 MJC2 MXF TQX TM-Bronze GCH-Bronze SACH JCH SCH RCH EAC EJC EGC TN-O TG-O CL3 CGC TDI ''Merlin''

MACH3, ADCH Montage Works Like A Charm MXF, TM-Gold JCH-Silver, SCH-Bronze, RCH-Bronze, SACH-Bronze, RS-E, JS-E, GS-O, HIC ''Rhian''

BISS Can. CH Blackcomb's Philosopher's Stone Can. HT, ADC, ADCJ, SGDC, AGN, AGNJ ''Fawkes''

BasqueLaine-Montage Save the World MX, MXJ, NF ''Conner''

BasqueLaine Spectacular Bid NA OAJ NJP XF NFP TN-N WV-N TNG-N ''Bandit''

Basquelaine Shootin Star Cali AX AXJ MXF ''Cali''

Basquelaine Serenzippity CGN RN HS ''Wyzzy''

CH Basquelaine-N-Maximum Tres Jolie RN HT ''Jo''

Basquelaine Voyages Of Happy Tails CD RAE ''Kruiser''

CH Basquelaine Vercingetorix Ronin NA NAJ NF ''Ronin''

BasqueLaine-Montage Capone PT ''Big''

Montage Lucky Charm PT

BasqueLaine-Montage Mafioso RN, NW1, CGC, TDI, TT "Vinnie"

Marie's accomplished nieces and nephews include:

Ch Basquelaine-BigMtn Without a Trace CD PT MX MXJ MXF CL2 CL-3R NAC JS-N CGC
Basquelaine-BigMtn Point Last Seen SAR certified
Basquelaine-BigMtn Modesty Blaise SAR certified
Basquelaine-BigMtn Calleigh Duquesne SAR
Basquelaine-BigMtn Mission Ready HT
Am/Can Ch Basquelaine Ewe'R Marco Polo AGI AGNJ AX AXJ OF MADC AGDC MSDC CGN
AKC/UKC Ch UROI Basquelaine Tenzing Norgay's Everest CGC HIC ThD ORTB
Basquelaine Lookin' For Blue AX AXJ OF
MACH2 BasqueLain Sail on a Dream MAD SAM JM RM NF
Basquelaine BigMtn Sliabh Bhreandain SAR certified
Coeur N Basquelaine "Amy" SAR certified