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Created 29-Apr-16
Modified 5-May-16
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Joriss du Domaine de Vauroux

Joriss was imported from France as a puppy from Domaine de Vauroux, breeder Evy Monnerau. She is a Tervuren whose dam is a Tervuren out of Malinois, and her sire is himself a Malinois. Her dam is Glamour du Domaine de Vauroux and her sire is s.r. R.E Ventadour de Condivicnum.

We look forward to adding these new bloodlines known for good health and longevity to our existing lines. Pending passing health certifications, Joriss will be bred later in 2018 or in 2019 after she reaches 4-5:yrs old to our homebred male Gabriel, BasqueLaine Scent From Above. This is a broad outcross representing plenty of genetic diversity as Joriss and Gabe have no common ancestors for several generations.