BasqueLaine Performance Belgian Shepherd Tervuren
seriously athletic dogs for seriously competitive handlers

Welcome to BasqueLaine Performance Belgian Shepherd Tervuren. We are a small hobby kennel breeding the occasional litter every year or two. Our focus is on breeding the complete Belgian Tervuren who possesses both brains and beauty, and we pride ourselves on consistently producing Belgians who excel in sports and real life work scenarios as well as being competitive in the show ring. Basquelaine Belgian Tervuren excel in Search & Rescue, as Service Dogs, as Therapy Dogs, and as Ranch dogs and  All-around working farm dogs. We have also bred numerous dogs successful in the sports of agility, herding, obedience, rally, dock-diving, nosework and more. Our interest and hobby with Belgian Shepherd dogs started in 1993 when we acquired our first Belgian Tervuren "Vetta" Champion Blackwater's Yvette.

Pictured is my heart dog, my foundation Tervuren female "Marissa" Mahoganny's Rites of Passage HIC P-BAR (deceased). I imported her from Sweden as a puppy in 1998. Marissa has been an outstanding producer of wonderful agility, rally/obedience, therapy, Search and Rescue, herding, dockdiving, and nosework dogs and the talents continue down the line.

Thanks for letting us share the achievements of Basquelaine dogs and their owners. We hope you enjoy your visit! Interested in purchasing a Belgian Tervuren puppy? Email us.