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Created 28-May-16
Modified 28-May-16
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The M litter at 4 wks old. Puppies personalities are starting to shine through. They are now very aware of objects and people in their surroundings, and will toddle over to me when called to be picked up. They play a lot with each other and with toys. Theyve had opportunities to explore the great outdoor with supervision. A very cute and fun age. All the pups are very social and outgoing. Girls are Lavender, Pink and Lime ribbons. Boys are Sky Blue, Royal Blue, and Orange ribbons.
Light Blue boyOrange boyOrange boyLime girlLight Blue boyDark Blue boyDark Blue boyDark Blue boyDark Blue boyPink girlLime girlLight Blue boyLight Blue boyPink girlLavender girlLime girlLime girlPink girlLavender girlOrange boy