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Explorers Week 2
Explorers Litter ~ Brenner x Jo ~ born 08/08/08
7 males, 3 females all red/fawn

In the pups second week of life we took several more field trips outside to enjoy the lovely weather and all the smells and textures of the great outdoors. Puppies tried new surfaces in addition to grass such as concrete, gravel, dirt. Pups enjoyed crawling around and showed no aversion to anything, just took it all in stride. Pups clearly have good scenting abilities and obviously use both exaggerated ground and air scenting, especially to find their mother and to a lesser extent to find me.;-) The leafy stuff behind the walk is basil, all love the basil expecially napping in it. Pups are currently pictured on Day 9, will be adding more photos from Day 9 as well as photos from Day 12 shortly. We also introduced the pups to HRD (human remains) scent. It's contained in the cricket cage noted in some of the photos. This is to imprint on and desensitize pups who may be going to search and rescue homes. None of the pups were bothered by the scent, but Aqua Boy was actually attracted to the scent. More photos coming from Week 2.
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