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Created 17-Sep-12
Modified 17-Sep-12
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I loaded up the three remaining Explorers, Curie (Purple Girl), Marco (Orange Boy) and Blue-checked boy (name coming soon!) and headed over to my dear friend Sharon Lafuse's place. I believe we were the first official students at her newly christened agility training facility, "321 Liftoff". Sharon is living her retirement dream, recently relocating from Houston TX where she was an engineer with NASA for many years to Eldorado Ohio on a nice country estate where she is also caring for her elderly mother. Sharon is so awesome with puppies, very patient and very positive. We had a great time. We worked on tunnel, mini teeter, and mini dog-walk, as well as the beginning work on contacts which entailed having the puppies run to a margerine lid with treats on it at the command "target". Once again, Curie got her nose out of joint because she wasn't getting all the attention. While the boys were both thoroughly and competely engaged in the tasks at hand Curie chose to use her nose to trail anywhere a morsel of food may have dropped. That's her bag, that's what floats her boat. She has quite the nose on her like her daddy Brenner. As you can see both boys were utterly and completely engaged with Sharon and the activities she had for them. I think it's safe to say a successful agility career is in their future, and I think they'll be good herders as well! Blue-checked boy and Curie (Purple Girl) are still available to the right performance homes.