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Explorers Week 3
Explorers Litter ~ Brenner x Jo ~ born 08/08/08
7 males, 3 females all red/fawn

In the pups third week of life we continued to spend a lot of time outdoors exposing them to all kinds of different noises, climates, temperatures, surfaces and objects to play with. We also continued their scent imprinting by introducing new scents every couple of days in their cricket cages. Scents included things like candles, coffee beans, tea bags, perfume, musk, cleaning solutions on cotton balls, and they continue to be exposed to HRD scent. Once eyes and ears opened pups began to start exploring their environment inside and outside although play/active times are still quite short and nap/sleeping times comprise most of their day. These photos are from a field trip to Grandma and Grandpa Hoffman's back yard and garden. Most of the pups were tired and slept but a few brave souls woke up and wondered around. Maroon boy even ventured into grandpa's garden and checked out all his lawn ornaments. White boy also did some tracking in the yard. My daughter Whitney and grandbaby Ellie also stopped by so puppies got to meet an infant and baby Ellie got to meet puppies. Jo was very protective of both her puppies and baby Ellie. She was just sure none of us humans were trustworthy holding that baby. ;-)
Orange BoyOrange BoyOrange Boy & White BoyOrange Boy & White BoyMaroon BoyPile of puppiesPile of puppiesPile of puppiesMaroon waking upMaroon takes off exploringMaroon takes off exploringMaroon in Grandpa's gardenMaroon in Grandpa's gardenMaroon in Grandpa's gardenMaroon in Grandpa's gardenMaroon in Grandpa's gardenWhite BoyMaroon in Grandpa's gardenMaroon in Grandpa's gardenYellow Girl and siblings