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Created 2-Dec-12
Modified 2-Dec-12
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Playing the Ponies litter @ 7 weeks of age. Group shots of the litter at play. The girls are Turquoise, Hot Pink, Orange, Red, Purple. The boys are Green and Yellow.
Competition over a leaf ;-)And the chase begins, Purple emerges as the leaderCastle (yellow boy) & Turquoise girl try to head her offPink girl is curious about Purple's cologne lolGreen boy, Purple girl, and Pippa (Orange Girl)Purple on recall, in hot pursuit by Green boy and Pippa (Orange girl)Purple on recall, in hot pursuit by Green boy and Pippa (Orange girl)Mom has a squeaky toyDon't recall what this was all about, but Pippa is staring at the leaf in the grass lolPurple girl (front), Turq girl (behind) and Pink girl (right)Purple (back), Turq (front), Red (left) and Pink (right)Turq and PurpTurq and PurpTurnabout is fair playOops, pay backs are hell. Pink watches lolPuppy conga line Purp, Turq, PinkTurq (left), Pink (center), Purple (right)Castle, Purple, PinkCastle, Turq, Green, Pink, PurpleTurq and Purps again