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Created 11-Oct-11
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She passed away at home, on her own, peacefully and comfortably with me petting her. I couldn't bear for it not to be on her terms as that's generally how she liked things to be. When she took her last breaths Angel of the Morning was playing softly on the radio. I let loose with the tears on ''just touch my cheek before you leave me''. She was a couple of weeks shy of her 13th birthday.

Cache was the puppy I never set out to acquire, but the best impulse decision I ever made. I was just going with a friend to look at a litter she was getting a pup from and this one little girl pup kept catching my eye ... she reminded me of our Tana, CH Basquelaine HelenaHandbasket, our first homebred champion who also lived to 13 but from totally unrelated lines. Cache's breeders, Barb Dillon and Kathleen McCue graciously let us have her. Thank you, Barb from the bottom of my heart.

She was surely one of the most memorable and funny Pyrs we ever lived with, the only Pyr we ever owned who was reliable off lead 99.9 pct of the time. She was a nanny to my children who are now grown. She was a babysitter and playmate to numerous Belgian Shepherd litters. Her funniest quirky thing started when she was a baby .. my husband, Rick, played a game with her saying, ''She's so little, she only weighs 2.2 lbs'' which made her melt and squint her eyes. Every single day of her life mere mention of the words ''little'' or ''2.2 pounds'' made her go squinty-eyed and she'd fall to the floor and roll onto her back. My only regret is that we never showed her as a veteran at a specialty as she so loved to show and she looked fabulous in her golden years. Now I find myself without a Pyr for the first time since 1985. It seems unfathomable.

Godspeed, Cachie, we love you and will miss you more than words can say. I thought I was emotionally prepared for this day. I was wrong.

Champion En Vogue Cache de Basquelaine 10/25/1998 - 10/10/2011
(Ch Tip'n Chip's Honor and Pride x Ch Almac Haute Couture En Vogue)