Future Puppy Plans


We generally breed one litter every year or two, sometimes with a longer break between. Our Next planned litter is for 2014. Inquiries welcome as we typically reserve several puppies far in advance of a planned breeding. Our pups are most suited to performance sports (agility, herding, dockdiving, obedience, rally, etc.) or working homes (Search and Rescue, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Ranch/Farm dogs) but we do occasionally have 1-3 pet pups out of each litter suitable for active companion homes who are prepared to spend the training time required for a high-energy, active breed as Belgian Shepherds tend to be.



Puppies born June 17, 2014!

Still accepting reservations/deposits


Stay tuned for more details.


Hexen House Cryh


BasqueLaine Winning Colors


Cryh @ 12 mosCryh @ 12 mos



Follow along with Mimi's temperature chart as we watch for the drop below 99.0 that indicates labor will start within 24-48 hours. Red/Fawn Tervuren expected.  Still accepting reservations. Inquiries welcome.


If you would like to make your guesses in the puppy pool click on the link to go to a google docs spreadsheet.